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Dolphins release Chad Ochocincojohnson

If there’s one thing the Miami Dolphins don’t like, it’s a guy hitting his wife. And to think, he was finally going to get some this season after being cut off last year. Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after being arrested: … Continue reading

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The Tyrann Mathieu sweepstakes, and other opinions.

When the news broke that Tyrann Mathieu was dismissed from the LSU football team on Friday because of a third failed drug test, I sat there, lurking over Twitter, looking for any morsel of news that hadn’t been reported yet. … Continue reading

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The King’s Quarters…back? Maybe? Sort of? We shall see.

So I’m looking at my blog again, and I realized something. I haven’t made a post in over a year. Part of it is because I haven’t actually had time to, going to school and all that other stuff. But … Continue reading

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