Quick Hits – Volume 2

– Bobby Petrino is about as monotone as one can get. Guy seems like he has a personality of cardboard.

– And while we’re talking about monotone coaches, let’s talk about Will Muschamp. Muschamp’s job to “revive” Florida’s football program will be filled with more challenges than people will think. South Carolina and Georgia seem to have a little bit more actual football talent than the boys in Gainesville. Even the oddsmakers at Bodog seemed to have jumped on the Florida hype wagon, with the Gators drawing a 7/4 chance to win the East (Georgia drew a 5/1 chance, and South Carolina drew a 7/1 chance)

– NCAA Football 12, a game that I enjoy thoroughly, seems to have fallen flat on it’s face this year. It’s buggy gameplay, glitch filled game modes and features, and general joylessness make it potentially one of the worst NCAA’s ever released. The NCAA team is working on a patch. My question would be to them, why can’t one just release a working game on release day?

– I’ve noticed that many more come here for my opinion columns than my stats work. That’s something that, while not discouraging, is somewhat troubling. I don’t think people are necessarily distrustful of numbers and stats. It’s just that people trust metrics like total yards and total points, when they should be investing their trust in numbers that are based on a per play or per drive basis.

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