Jim Tressel Resigns – What’s Next?

This might not be the most stat based post I’ve ever done, but I think it’s fitting.

As most of you who read this know by now, Jim Tressel has resigned as head football coach of Ohio State. Tressel, who was most likely going to get fired anyways after next year, so I see it as just going ahead and accepting the inevitable.

This might be the end for Tressel, but what now for Ohio State?

Ohio State, as I’ve shown with my team previews, has a lot of talent, and would be the favorite to win the Leaders division. However, there are some factors that maybe don’t show on that power rating. First, there are going to be 5 players missing from the first 5 games of their season, and that will almost certianly play a factor.

But, to see how much it will, let’s look at their schedule. Akron and Toledo are their first two games, and call me crazy, but I don’t think the Zips or the Rockets are going to be of any concern of Ohio State’s. They’ve got a 2-0 start out of the gate.

Next, the Buckeyes step up their competition by a large margin as they travel to Miami to face the Hurricanes. That one could get interesting with your leading rusher, second leading receiver, and Terrelle Pryor gone. Miami, however, is going to still need some lucky breaks to win, as they’re about 2 wins behind the Buckeyes in my power rating system. I’ll call this a 3-0 start.

Colorado is up next, and I think the Buckeyes take this one. For the last game of the player’s suspension, you’re going to see Michigan State. The Spartans are definitely going to be a challenge, as they’re only about a win behind, and those players missing are going to likely make up the difference. I’d call this one a toss up.

After that, the Buckeyes face some tough tests, as they play the likes of Wisconsin, Penn State, and their legendary rival, Michigan.

In the offseason, the Bucks will likely replace interim coach Luke Fickell, who is a carbon copy of Tressel in coaching style, for anything short of a BCS bowl or national championship.

Now, let’s talk about Tressel. Let’s be frank, he’s probably not going to get a job for at least the next 1-2 years, and maybe longer. He’ll still have to face an NCAA committee in August, and the NCAA could still sanction him with a show-cause violation, meaning that anybody who wants to hire him will have to show why they want him, and he could face even further sanctions should someone hire him.

Overall, the situation might look a little better from Ohio State’s end of the window, but both parties will suffer mightily for a few years to come from all of this.

And to think, if Tressel had just told his athletic director about all of this, we’d be talking only a two game suspension for the players.

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