Perfection in college football – How many QB’s have posted a “perfect game”?

In baseball, a perfect game is retiring all 27 batters(or, in Armando Gallaraga’s case, 28) in order. In order to pitch a perfect game, a number of factors must come into play. First, you need to be good. Super good. Second, your fielders must play a near flawless game. Combine these factors, and it’s no wonder why there have only been around 40 perfect games in the near-140 year history of the game in baseball.

In the NFL, a perfect passer rating is 158.3. The 158.3 mark has been posted 35 times since the passer rating statistic was developed in 1973. Peyton Manning(is it any wonder), has played 4 perfect games in his career, and that is the best in NFL history.

Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner have posted 3 perfect games, and Craig Morton, Dave Kreig, Ken O’Brien, and Tom Brady have posted 2 perfect games in their careers.

And that got me to thinking; which active players in college football have posted a “perfect game”. Since the NCAA uses a different system for QB Rating, I had to enter these into the trusty QB rating calculator to get the results.

And, for the results…..

Jacory Harris – (2010 vs. Florida A&M)
Robert Griffin – (2008 vs. N’western St.)
Zach Collaros – (2010 vs. Miami(OH), 2009 vs. Louisville)
BJ Daniels – (2010 vs. Cincinnati)
David Piland – (2010 vs. Memphis)
GJ Kinne – (2009 vs. Sam Houston State)
Chandler Harnish – (2010 vs. Akron)
Alex Carder – (2010 vs. Eastern Michigan)
Ryan Mallett – (2009 vs. Eastern Michigan)
Aaron Murray – (2010 vs. Georgia Tech)
Tyler Russell – (2010 vs. Memphis)
Kellen Moore – (2010 vs. San Jose State)

Zach Collaros is the only active QB to post more than one perfect game. Predictibly, the perfect games were posted against teams who were mostly terrible and gave little defensive resistance.

So, there you have it, the active QB’s who have played “perfect” games. Could do a follow up with QB’s who have played perfect games since 1995 or something like that.

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