2011 Alabama Team Preview

2011 Alabama Crimson Tide Team Preview

2010 Record – 10-3

2010 Pythag. Record – 11.89-1.19

2011 Rivals Recruiting Rating – #1

2008-2011 Rivals Ranking Average – 2.0

2008-2011 Average Star Rating – 3.77

Offense Write-Up

The Tide look to Trent Richardson this year to be their full time fulcrum on offense. Richardson, who served as Mark Ingram’s replacement for the 1st two games of the season due to Ingram’s knee surgery. Richardson is much hyped, being called by some Alabama fans as a “faster, better, and stronger” version of Mark Ingram. High, high praise there.

Richardson looks for his time in the spotlight

AJ McCarron is now the Crimson Tide’s full-time starter, replacing Greg McElroy. McCarron served very well in limited action last year (only 48 attempts, but 30 completions and no interceptions).

On the outside, the Tide have two very good receivers in Marquis Maze and Darius Hanks. Both have ERI’s over 100, and both are great deep threats as well. Good thing, considering the departure of Julio Jones to the NFL.

The Tide’s offensive line is probably the best in all of college football. William Vlachos is a serious contender to be on The King’s Quarter’s all-American list, and Barrett Jones and DJ Fluker also serve the Tide well up front.

Offensive Starters

Position Player
QB AJ McCarron
RB Trent Richardson
WR Marquis Maze
WR Darius Hanks
TE Michael Williams
TE Brad Smelley
OL Alfred McCullough
OL Chance Warmack
OL William Vlachos
OL Barrett Jones
OL DJ Fluker

Advanced Offensive Statistics

QB – AJ McCarronQB Score – 227, QB Score Per Game – 18.92, QB Score Per Play – 4.20, Adjusted Yards Per Attempt – 9.4, Passes Per Interception – 48

RB – Trent Richardson – RB Score – 364, RB Score Per Game – 33.09, RB Score Per Play – 3.25

WR – Marquis Maze – QB Attempts Per Reception – 9.5, Receptions Per Touchdown – 11.1, Yards Per Catch – 14.7, Explosive Receiver Index – 110

WR – Darius Hanks – QB Attempts Per Reception – 11.3, Receptions Per Touchdown – 10.7, Yards Per Catch – 14.3, Explosive Receiver Index – 109

OL – Alfred McCullough – O-Line Shares – 47.24

OL – Chance Warmack – O-Line Shares – 55.91

OL – William Vlachos – O-Line Shares – 55.91

OL – Barrett Jones – O-Line Shares – 47.24

OL – DJ Fluker – O-Line Shares – 42.90

Advanced Team Statistics

Plays Per 6 points scored – 10.72

Rushing Yards Per Play – 5.09

Passing Yards Per Play – 9.38

Run/Pass Ratio – 56.3% run/43.7% pass

Points Per Possession – 3.3

True Red Zone Percentage – 73.7%

Offensive Line Rating – 4.82

Defensive Write-Up

The Tide’s defense is, well, best summed up in one word.


No, seriously, the defense is that good. Their plays per 6 points allowed is an unbelievable 27.34. Their true red-zone percentage is an incredible 48.5%. They are just amazing.

The defense is lead by senior safety Mark Barron. Barron, an all-American, lead the team in passes defensed, and is an excellent coverage safety. He could be expected to make most all-American teams this year.


Barron will lead the charge for a 2nd crystal ball in 3 years

Dont’a Hightower, a linebacker, will be the main stopper along with fellow linebacker Nico Johnson for the Tide. The two had tackle factors in the 60’s, which isn’t good, but the TF doesn’t tell the whole story. These are hard hitters and great pass rushers as well in Nick Saban’s 3-4 scheme.

Dre Kirkpatrick is the other guy to worry about on this team. His coverage abilities are top notch, and he can lock you down if he wants to.

Defensive Starters

Position Player
DE Damion Square
NT Josh Chapman
DE Ed Stinson
LB Jerrell Harris
LB Dont’a Hightower
LB Nico Johnson
LB Courtney Upshaw
CB Dre Kirkpatrick
CB DeMarcus Milliner
S Mark Barron
S Robert Lester


Advanced Defensive Team Statistics

Plays Per 6 points allowed – 27.34

Rushing Yards Per Play Allowed – 3.29

Passing Yards Per Play Allowed – 6.24

Opponent’s Run/Pass Ratio – 54.2% run/45.8% pass

Opponent’s Points Per Possession – 1.3

Opponent’s True Red Zone Percentage – 48.4%

Personal Thoughts

The Tide should be #1 when I do my pre-season poll sometime in the summer. When you look at this team, you marvel at how they lost 3 games last year, especially with the talent they have returning. However, the matchup with LSU will be a real test of their abilities. If they can pass that test, they’ll likely be the holders of the crystal ball in January.

2011 Schedule(Projected Result in Parenthesis)

September 3 – Kent State – (W 42-0)

September 10 – at Penn State – (W 33-13)

September 17 – North Texas – (W 52-7)

September 24 – Arkansas – (W 33-26)

October 1 – at Florida – (W 24-20)

October 8 – Vanderbilt – (W 43-6)

October 15 – at Ole Miss – (W 38-14)

October 22 – Tennessee – (W 35-10)

November 5 – LSU – (Too Close To Call)

November 12 – at Mississippi State – (W 37-27)

November 19 – Georgia Southern – (W 59-6)

November 26 – at Auburn – (W 17-16)

Nick’s 2011 Prediction – 11-0(w/o LSU game)

2011 Predictive Record – 9.76-2.24

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