Who’s Better – Tyler Bray or Aaron Murray

Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray were some of the two most talked about freshmen in the country last year. Murray, the redshirt freshman Georgia QB, is considered to be a rising star and dark horse Heisman contender. Meanwhile, Tyler Bray, the brash, young quarterback for Tennessee, has won Tennessee fans over with his arm strength and confident play in the home stretch of 2010.

However, there is quite a bit of debate as to who is actually a better QB between the two fanbases. My goal in this post is to seek out who holds the edge statistically, and who could be better in the future.

Murray scrambles during the Florida-Georgia game in 2010

First off, let’s take a look at some traditional stats. Murray completed 61.1% of his passes, Bray completed 55.8% of his passes. Murray threw for 24 touchdowns in 13 games played, Bray threw 18 touchdowns in 9 games played. Murray’s touchdown/interception ratio is 3.0, Tyler Bray’s is 1.8. Murray threw for 234.5 yards per game, Tyler Bray threw for 205.4 yards per game.

Tyler Bray directs traffic during a 2010 game with Alabama

Now, for some more advanced stats.

Bray – Stat – Murray

7.9 – Adj. Yards Per Attempt – 9.3

3.35 – QB Score Per Play – 3.72

61.44 – Net Points Produced – 145.59

1.248 – Wins Produced – 3.222

20.6% – % of Teams Wins Responsible For – 53.7%

55.5% – Opp. Adj. Completion Percentage – 61.5%

22.4 – Passes Per Interception – 42.8

It’s quite clear from that that Aaron Murray is a better QB than Tyler Bray as of right now(including the amazing part that Aaron Murray created 54% of his team’s 6 wins last year). However, it should be noted that Bray started the season as the #2 quarterback, and struggled until he was named the starter during the Memphis game. Murray was the starter during Georgia’s season opener, and remained there ever since.

As for who’s a better potential QB, Murray holds the upper hand. However, if Tennessee starts to move away from a “chuck it and pray” offense, look out for Tyler Bray. Both should contend for all-American, individual awards, and Heisman Trophies.

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